Food and Drink Idioms (9)

idioms food drink 9 all grist to the mill: I never refuse odd jobs to gain more experience, it’s all grist to the mill. all sweetness and light: When they learned who I was they became all sweetness and light. an olive branch: The government is offering an olive branch …

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mount go up, climb up: He can m- the stairs only with difficulty. She mounted the platform and  to have a speech. get on: He mounted his horse and rode off. place, fix, install: We are going to m- another surveillance camera above the back door. organize and begin something: …

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3. absent without leave → according to

absent leave → according Jack was AWOL from the school and got into a lot of trouble with his parents. accidentally on purpose (done on purpose but pretend that it was an accident): Jack bumped into her accidentally on purpose.  According to all accounts, this film is the best one …

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3. backside → bagful

backside → bagful babble: I cannot listen to his constant babble. baby talk: I was talking baby talk to my little one. bachelor: Gabriel remained a bachelor all his life. bachelor party: Luke also looked very sleepy from his bachelor party the night before. backbiting: You should always refrain your …

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Heart idioms (10)

idioms heart 10 tug at your heartstrings: She knows exactly how to tug at your heartstrings. take heart: Take heart and keep trying. take to heart: I hope you will take to heart the warnings about the dangers of sunbathing. Don’t take to heart I was just joking. the way to …

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