Safe (synonyms)

Synonyms safe : safe (not in danger of hurt, damaged, or lost): We are quite safe here. secure (safe, protected against damage or attack): I hide my money in a very secure place. out of harm’s way (in a safe place, where no one can hurt or damage): Keep your …

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Animal idioms (13)

idioms animal 13 badger someone (bother or annoy someone): She has been badgering me to clean the yard for weeks. badger someone (persuade someone): I finally badgered him into coming with us to the party. beard the lion in his den: He continues to refuse my calls, so I have …

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Phrasal verbs with “take” (5)

Phrasal verbs take out take on (accept work or responsibility): Don’t take on more than you can handle. take on (hire, employ): Our company is not taking on any new staff this year. take on (fight, compete against): This evening Barcelona will take on Milan at home. take out (remove …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-4)

aloud vs allowed  all ways every way, every method We tried all ways to fix the oil spill. always  all the time, at all time  You are always on time.   allusion indirect reference She made no allusion to her first marriage. illusion a false belief or idea All these …

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Food and Drink Idioms (12)

idioms food drink 12  burn to a crisp (burn something completely): She burned the dinner to a crisp. burn to a crisp (become severely sunburned): If lay in the sun all day, you’ll get burned to a crisp. butter someone up (be nice to someone in order to get them …

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