1. abandon ship → above reproach

abandon ship → above reproach  abandon ship (to leave a group or company because you think it will fail): The manager and most of engineers had already abandoned ship. a bed of rose (easy and without troubles): Life is not always a bed of roses. abide by (accept and act …

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1. babble → backtalk

babble → backtalk baby talk (sounds or words of children learning to talk): I was talking baby talk to my little one when he arrived. backbiting (unpleasant and unkind talk about someone): You should always refrain your tongue from backbiting. backbone (the most important or strongest part of something, providing …

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Heart idioms (8)

idioms heart 8 lose heart (lose your courage or confidence): Don’t lose heart – you may do it better eventually. lose heart to (fall in love with): Lucy lost her heart to Robert the minute they met. play your heart out (put a lot of effort into playing): Even though …

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I am going to sleep

going sleep  I’m off to bed. – I’m going to get some shut-eye. –  It’s bedtime indeed. I think I’ll say good night now. – I’m going to bed. – I need to catch some shuteye. I’m going to crash. – I’m going to catch some Z’s then. – I’m …

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Synonyms kind     (helpful and caring about others): Alex is a very kind and thoughtful person indeed. good (kind and willing to help): Jacob was very good to me when I was ill last week. nice (kind, friendly and polite): You should try to be nice to each other. …

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