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Adjectives Adjectives

Adjective of Quality

a word that shows the kind or quality of nouns or pronouns (e.g. a red car, a heavy box, a smart boy, a beautiful city)


Adjective of Quantity

a word that shows the approximate quantity of nouns or pronouns (e.g. some sugar, enough water, little knowledge, many people)


Adjective of Number

a word that shows the exact number of nouns or pronouns or what order they stand (e.g. I have two pens, there are four carrots, I stand first in the class)


Demonstrative Adjective

a word that shows which person or thing you mean and is always followed by a noun (e.g. this pen, these books, that shirt, those shoes)


Distributive Adjective

a distributive adjective refers to each one of a number and always comes before a singular noun and a verb (e.g. Each boat has an anchor, Every nation is proud of its culture, Either answer is correct, Neither sweater fits me)


Interrogative Adjective

a word that asks questions and describe a noun or pronoun (e.g. what is your plan?, which is the shortest way?, who stole my book?, whose car is this?)


Possessive Adjective

a possessive adjective shows ownership or belonging and comes before a noun or pronoun (e.g. My name is Jacob, I’m your teacher, It’s his car, Her hair is blonde, its, our, your, their)


Compound Adjective

a single adjective that made up of more than one word and modifies the same noun (e.g. a thirty-story building, a five-minutes break, a five-foot-long snake)


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