Stative verb (also called State verb)

a verb that expresses a state or condition rather than an action (e.g. have, like, own, know, believe, hear, taste).


Action verb (also called Dynamic verb)

a verb that expresses a physical or mental action (e.g. walk, jump, eat, smile, think, remember, guess).


Main verb (also called Full verb or Lexical verb)

a verb that expresses the subject’s action or a state of being (e.g. She has a car, She has crashed her car). Main verbs can stand alone, or can be used with a helping verb.


Helping verb (also called Auxiliary verb)

a verb that helps the main verb to show its tense, form questions, form negatives etc.(e.g. when did you arrive?, She has crashed her car, I can’t reach the top shelf)


Linking verb (also called Copula verb)

a verb that connects a subject to its complement without expressing an action (e.g. The sky is blue, My luggage weigh 20 kg, He seems drunk)


Finite verb

a finite verb changes with tense(past/present), person(I, he, it etc.), number(singular or plural) and it is often the main verb (e.g. I walk home, He ate his dinner alone, Mangoes are ripe, Aren’t you a bit late?)


Nonfinite verb

a nonfinite verb doesn’t changes with tense, person, number, and normally cannot stand alone as a main verb in a sentence (e.g. I hate waiting, I want to go out, Swimming is fun, He ate his roasted potatoes.)


Regular verb

a verb that has a usual endings in their past and past participle forms (e.g. jump-jumped, help-helped, look-looked, close-closed)


Irregular verb

a verb that does not follow the -d or -ed suffix pattern and you should learn them by heart (e.g. take-tooktaken, eat-ateeaten, see-sawseen)


Phrasal verb

a verb combined with a proposition or an adverb or both, to give a different meaning (e.g. work out, deal with, turn off, pay for, get out of)


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