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Commonly confused words

carton vs. cartoon

carton vs. cartoon carton (a cardboard or plastic box or container)  a carton of yoghurt, a carton of orange juice, a carton of cigarettes cartoon (an animated television show or movie) They watched a Mickey Mouse cartoon.   carton vs. cartoon – English Vocabulary  

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career vs. carrier

career vs. carrier career (a job or profession that a person does to earn a living): He pursued in a career in business. carrier (a person or company that carries something): I want to call a baggage carrier to help me. Delta Air Lines is one of the largest carrier …

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canon vs. cannon

canon vs. cannon canon (a generally accepted rule, principle or law): People who violate canon of decency should be dismissed. cannon (an old type of large heavy gun usually on wheels): There was an old cannon in the museum.     canon vs. cannon – English Vocabulary

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canvas vs. canvass

canvas vs. canvass canvas (a strong rough cloth): They make tents from heavy canvas. canvass (survey, collect opinions): We decided to canvass for support of our new policy.   canvas vs. canvass – English Vocabulary

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callous vs. callus

callous vs. callus callous (uncaring, unfeeling): She is callous about the safety of other people. callus (hard thickened area of skin): His hand were rough and also covered with calluses.   callous vs. callus – English Vocabulary

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