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Commonly confused words

Commonly Confused Words (b-2)

bare vs bear  ban forbid (officially): We have plan to ban smoking in the office. bane a cause of distress or annoyance: Those noisy kids are the bane of my life.   bare unclothed, naked: Michael was bare from the waist up. bear to carry: She was bearing a basket …

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Commonly Confused Words (b-1)

bait vs bate  backup extra, substitute, spare: This hospital has a backup power supply. back up help, support, aid: If you ask for money he will back you up.   bait food used in a trap: We used a piece of meat as bait. bate decrease, reduce: The salesman won’t …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-7)

appraise vs apprise  appraise assess, evaluate: Managers appraise the staff twice a year. apprise inform or tell (someone): Keep me fully apprised of any changes in the situation.   ascribe attribute, accredit: They ascribe most of the accident to the bad weather. describe give details, explain: There are so many …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-6)

amoral vs immoral  amoral not caring about their moral or immoral behavior: Nicholas is a self-centered, amoral person pursuing his own goals. immoral not considered to be right or honest by most people: They think dancing is sinful and immoral.     angel messenger of God, good person: Be an …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-5)

amend vs emend  already previously, before now Anna has already agreed to come. all ready completely ready She was all ready to leave.   altar holy table or platform: The couple will exchange vows at the altar. alter change: Can we alter the date of the meeting?   altogether completely, …

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