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Commonly confused words

discreet vs. discrete

discreet vs. discrete discreet (careful, self-restraint): She is very discreet in giving her opinions. discrete (separate, distinct): We’ll break down the issue into discrete categories.   discreet vs. discrete – English Vocabulary

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disk vs. desk

disk vs. desk disk (a flat circular object): She put the disk on a phonograph. desk (a table for writing and reading): There is a pile of papers on my desk.   disk vs. desk – English Vocabulary

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discard vs. discord

discard vs. discord discard (get rid of, throw away): Let’s discard some of these old books. discord (disagreement, argument): Money is the biggest cause of discord in marriage.   discard vs. discord – English Vocabulary

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distrust vs. mistrust

distrust vs. mistrust distrust (not trust (based on experience or reliable information)): We don’t have any reason to distrust them. mistrust (not trust (based on general sense of unease)): He has a deep mistrust of strangers.   distrust vs. mistrust – English Vocabulary

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disperse vs. disburse

disperse vs. disburse disperse (disband, scatter): Police used tear gas to disperse the protesters. disburse (pay out money, spend): The central government annually disburses about $70m on education.   disperse vs. disburse – English Vocabulary

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