Question (synonyms)

Synonyms question  question (ask a person about something): The police questioned her for half an hour. interview (ask a person questions in an interview): We interviewed twenty applicants for the job. interrogate (ask someone a lot of questions in a threatening way): They will interrogate the two suspects separately. quiz …

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Animal idioms (12)

idioms animal 12 back the wrong horse (support a person or action that fails): I don’t want to back the wrong horse, but I think Jimmy a better candidate. barking dogs seldom bite (people who threaten others, hardly ever take action): Don’t take John seriously. Everybody knows that barking dogs …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-3)

allude vs elude aid help; assist He can breathe only with the aid of a ventilator. aide assistant He worked as an aide to the mayor for three years.   ail to cause trouble, afflict There is no simple solution to what ails our education system. ale a type of …

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Phrasal verbs with call (1)

Phrasal verbs call 1 call after (shout after someone as they are moving away): I called after you, but you didn’t hear me. call around (phone many different places or people): I called around to many hospitals to locate him. c- around (invite someone for a visit): I want to …

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Food and Drink Idioms (11)

idioms food drink 11 a vegetable (a person who is alive but is unable to think or move correctly because of brain damage) a vegetable (a person who has  inactive life): Since I retiring from the company, I’ve felt like a vegetable. bean counter (someone who keeps strict control and …

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