Mind idioms (3)

idioms mind 3  cross your mind (come to your mind): It never crossed my mind to lock the door. don’t mind someone (ignore someone and continue with what you are doing): Don’t mind me -I’ll just sit here quietly. do you mind (used to ask someone’s permission): Do you mind …

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Ways to say ” For example “

For example  , for instance, such as, let’s say, as an example, as an illustration, in other words, e.g. (exempli gratia), that is to say, a good example of this is, like, as a case in point, one example is, examples include, namely For example (Click on the title to read more.)

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Usually (synonyms)

Synonyms usually  usually (in a manner that is usual, most of the time but not always): We usually work every day except Sunday. often (in many situations or cases): I often take a walk during my lunch break. normally (in normal manner, usually): It normally takes 30 minutes to get …

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Animal idioms (15)

idioms animal 15 birds in their little nests agree: Calm down, kids. Birds in their little nests agree. Let’s not argue about this anymore. bitch and moan rude (complain): Stop bitching and moaning about your job, if you don’t like it look for another one. bitten by the bug informal …

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Phrasal verbs with break (4)

Phrasal verbs break 4  break out (start suddenly): Fire broke out in the kitchen during the night. break out (escape from a place): Three men managed to break out of the jail. (force to get through a barrier): Protesters managed to break through the barriers. break through (achieve success even …

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