Synonyms job  (a task or work that someone does to earn money): She got a job as a waitress. position (a job): He retired from his position as technical manager. post (position of duty or employment): His father holds the post of foreign minister this time. vacancy (an unoccupied job …

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Commonly Confused Words c-1

calendar vs colander  cacao (a tropical tree): Chocolate in fact comes from the tropical cacao tree. cocoa (a brown powder made from the seeds of a cacao tree): Add as much as three tablespoons of cocoa. Police discovered a huge cache of weapons in the woods. The other brand name hasn’t the …

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Food and Drink Idioms 2

Food Drink idioms 2  acquire a taste (to start to like something): I acquired a taste for coffee but I don’t want to keep it. Adam’s ale (water): I would rather prefer just a glass of Adam’s ale.   a piece of cake (very easy): All in all the driving test …

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bear =carry: She was also bearing a tray of glasses.  withstand, support: The ice obviously is thick enough to b- walking on it. endure, tolerate: I can’t b- her nagging anymore. move or turn: The road bears to the left because of the mountain.  After you go past the supermarket …

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I miss you

I miss you  I can’t wait to see you again. I hope I see you again soon. I’m counting down the days. I’ve been thinking of you. I think of you night and day. When will I see you again?. I feel sad without you. Your picture makes me smile. I …

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