Mind idioms (4)

idioms mind 4  have a closed mind (not willing to consider new ideas): His uncle has a closed mind. have a lot on your mind: I’m sorry, in fact I wasn’t listening, I have a lot on my mind at the moment. a mind like a sieve (have a poor …

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Vacation (synonyms)

Synonyms vacation  (a period of time you spend away from work, business school): I had a restful vacation this summer. holiday UK (a period of time you spend away from work, business school): I normally take my holiday in summer. break (a short period of time you spend away from …

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Animal idioms (16)

idioms animal 16  : bear market (a time when people are selling shares): If the prices fall by more than 20% then we are in a bear market. bull market (a time when share prices are rising): The investors rake in more and more money during the bull market. bull …

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Phrasal verbs with Answer

Phrasal verbs Answer  , answer back (reply rudely to someone in authority): I wanted to answer back, but I stopped myself and said nothing. Don’t answer back your father. answer back (respond, defend yourself): It’s so harsh to criticize him and not giving him the chance to answer back. a- …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-7)

appraise vs apprise  appraise assess, evaluate: Managers appraise the staff twice a year. apprise inform or tell (someone): Keep me fully apprised of any changes in the situation.   ascribe attribute, accredit: They ascribe most of the accident to the bad weather. describe give details, explain: There are so many …

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