Food and Drink Idioms (15)

idioms food drink 15  cream of the crop (the best of a group all): These four students are the cream of the crop in the class. cry over spilled milk (express regret about something that has happened and cannot be changed): I made a mistake, but there’s no use crying …

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Keep meanings  do something without stopping or do it repeatedly: Keep walking until you reach to a supermarket. remain in a particular condition: I like to keep busy. I walk to work to keep fit. cause to remain in a particular condition: This overcoat will help keep you warm in …

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9. a ballpark figure → all hat no cattle

a ballpark figure → all hat no cattle  a ballpark figure: Could you give me a ballpark figure of today’s total sales? a bitter pill to swallow (a fact that is unpleasant or painful, but must be accepted) a day late and a dollar short (too late to be useful) …

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18. addict → adhere

addict → adhere  addict: Many heroin addicts were unwilling to go to treatment centers. addict: He is a complete video game addict. addle (confuse someone, make someone unable think properly): I think the drink had addled my brain. adduce formal (provide facts or reasons as proof that something is true): …

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Mind idioms (3)

idioms mind 3  cross your mind (come to your mind): It never crossed my mind to lock the door. don’t mind someone (ignore someone and continue with what you are doing): Don’t mind me -I’ll just sit here quietly. do you mind (used to ask someone’s permission): Do you mind …

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