Brain idioms (1)

idioms brain 1 a bird brain (a stupid person): I’m such a birdbrain. I forgot to tank up at the gas station. a brain drain (a situation in which a large number of educated and highly skilled people leave their own country):  all brawn and no brains (physically strong but …

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You are right

You are right Yes, that’s right. You’re quite right.Yes, that’s correct. That’s spot on. I’m afraid you’re right. That’s right. You can say that again. Absolutely.   You’ve hit the nail on the head. Yes. You’re so right (there). I suppose so. You hit the nail on the head. Indeed. …

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Own (synonyms)

Synonyms own  (belonging to oneself and no one else): I want a place of my own. personal (relating or belonging to a particular person): She collected up her personal belongings and left the room eventually. private (only for one person or group, not public): John has a private plane indeed. …

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Phrasal verbs with “take” (4)

Phrasal verbs take off  (remove something you are wearing): Take off your coat please.  (leave the ground): The plane will take off anytime soon. (start being successful or popular): My career took off when I began working in tourism.  (spend a particular amount of time away from work): I will …

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