Castle (synonyms)

Synonyms castle  (a large strong building with thick walls and towers): This castle dates back to the 12th century. citadel (a castle on high ground in or near a city): The quake destroyed a 2000 years old citadel in the city. tower (a tall building or part of a castle …

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7. against all odds → aid and abet

against all odds → aid and abet  against all odds (despite very low chances): Against all odds, he finished the work on time. (different from what is normal or usual): Nowadays it goes against the grain to show respect for authority. against your will (when you don’t want to): I’m …

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16. activist → actually

activist → actually  activist (a person who campaigns to achieve social or political change): He has been a political activist for many years. activity (things that people do for interest or pleasure): Regular physical activity helps to control your weight. activity (when people are busy doing different things or are …

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Mind idioms (1)

idioms mind 1  a meeting of the minds (a situation in which people have the same ideas and opinions):  a weight off your mind (a big problem): Paying my debts was also a weight off my mind. a mind of your own (act or think independently): My son has a …

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Safe (synonyms)

Synonyms safe : safe (not in danger of hurt, damaged, or lost): We are quite safe here. secure (safe, protected against damage or attack): I hide my money in a very secure place. out of harm’s way (in a safe place, where no one can hurt or damage): Keep your …

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