Synonyms background  (a person’s past experiences, knowledge, education etc.): But we need to know more about your background. record (information about character or achievements): We are not employing anyone with a criminal record. past (the history of a person): No one knows about my past. history (a record of past …

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Goodbye  I said good bye, then walked off without another word. Bye for now! I’ll see you later. We’ll try to prepare more accurate report about the current situation, bye for now and See you next time. Next time we’ll offer you something probably completely different. Bye for now! Thank you very …

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Synonyms leave  (stop living with somebody permanently): He left his wife and daughter. She has threatened to leave me. desert (leave somebody without help or support): I’ll never desert a friend in trouble. turn your back on somebody(refuse to help someone that you have previously helped): It’s not fair to …

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Hello   I was passing through, so I thought that I should  come and say h- to my best friends. Hi Mum, Just calling to say I’ll be home late till 1AM tonight. Hi there, you must be Jacob, right?  How are things with you lately Mr. Jackson. How’s it …

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idioms all all agog (highly excited): I was all agog when I saw my name as the winner of first prize. all along (the whole time, from the beginning): I knew all along that we would eventually win the game. She also knows all and sundry. (all and sundry=everyone):  all …

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