2. backdoor → backroom

backdoor → backroom  His father works there, so he got the job through the backdoor. I’m still trying to find backers for the project. Be careful, your comments may backfire and cause you a lot of trouble. We need to know more about your background. They are facing a growing …

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Ways to say ” Yes “

ways say yes  “Are you going to swim to cross the river?” “Oh, definitely. “Have you finished the report yet?” “Of course, I finished it last week.” “Do you think we’ll get the task finished on time?” Certainly! “May I also borrow your car to go out with someone?”  By …

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Machine (synonyms)

Synonyms machine   A washing machine has a small electric motor. The ceiling fan needs a new motor. We sell satellite receivers, refrigerators, TVs, and other electronic devices. The car goes like a rocket since I put a new engine in it. This is the central heating unit. The central …

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Phrasal verbs with break (2)

Phrasal verbs break 2  break away (separate): He decided to break away from the band and form his own group. break away (leave or escape from): Although he held her tight, but she managed to break away. (stop working): My car broke down and I had to push it off …

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