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Commonly confused words

deprave vs. deprive

deprave vs. deprive deprave (make someone morally bad or evil): This this book would deprave young children. deprive (take something necessary or pleasant, away from someone): Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have.   deprave vs. deprive – English Vocabulary

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depart vs. deport

depart vs. deport depart (leave or go (away)): The plane will depart at 8.30. deport (expel someone from a country): The government deported her for illegal entry.   depart vs. deport – English Vocabulary

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denounce vs. renounce

denounce vs. renounce denounce (declare something as wrong or evil): The project was denounced as a waste of time and money. renounce (give up on something): We renounced our old way of life.   denounce vs. renounce – English Vocabulary

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demur vs. demure

demur vs. demure demur (disagreement or refusal): He accepted without demur. demure (quiet and rather shy and well behaved): She is young demure and sweet.   demur vs. demure – English Vocabulary

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delude vs. dilute

delude vs. dilute delude (make someone believe what is not true): You shouldn’t delude him into believing it. dilute (make a liquid thinner or less strong): Dilute the paint with a little thinner.   delude vs. dilute – English Vocabulary

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