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Commonly confused words

device vs. devise

device vs. devise device (machine or piece of equipment that does a special job): Satellite receiver is an electronic device. devise (invent a new way of doing something): We must devise a new system for dealing with problems.   device vs. devise – English Vocabulary

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detract vs. distract

detract vs. distract detract (make something seem less good): The peeling wall detract from the beauty of the hall. distract (take someone’s attention away from what they are doing): Don’t distract my attention I’m trying to study!   detract vs. distract – English Vocabulary

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dessert vs. desert

dessert vs. desert dessert (sweet food that you eat at the end of a meal): I would like some apple pie for dessert? desert (a large area of land, where there is almost no water, rain, trees, or plants): This part of the country is mostly desert.   dessert vs. …

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describe vs. ascribe

describe vs. ascribe describe (say what someone or something is like): Can described the house in perfect detail? ascribe (give credit to, connect with): I ascribe good grade in the exam to your hard work.   describe vs. ascribe – English Vocabulary

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deprecate vs. depreciate

deprecate vs. depreciate deprecate (criticize or express disapproval of): I don’t mean to deprecate your accomplishments. depreciate (lose value over time): New cars depreciate as soon as they are on the road.   deprecate vs. depreciate – English Vocabulary

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