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Commonly confused words

defy vs. deify

defy vs. deify defy (resist or refuse to obey): Children shouldn’t defy their teachers. deify (worship, make a god of): They deify their leader.   defy vs. deify – English Vocabulary

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defuse vs. diffuse

defuse vs. diffuse defuse (remove the fuse, deactivate): Experts were trying to defuse the bomb. diffuse (spread over a large area): The organization has become large and diffuse.   defuse vs. diffuse – English Vocabulary

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defer vs. differ

defer vs. differ defer (postpone): We have to defer the decision for two months differ (be unlike each other): The two brothers differ in many ways.   defer vs. differ – English Vocabulary

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deer vs. dear

deer vs. dear deer (a wild animal that eats grass): I saw a herd of deer of about ten. dear (valued or loved very much): He is a dear friend of mine.   deer vs. dear – English Vocabulary

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deep vs. dip

deep vs. dip deep (far down, distance from the top to the bottom):  Still waters have deep bottoms. dip (lower into a liquid): Dip your finger in to see how hot the water is.   deep vs. dip – English Vocabulary

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