Heart idioms 4

idioms heart 4 find it in your heart (to feel able  to do something): She couldn’t find it in her heart to trust anyone after that. follow your heart (do what seems right to you): I didn’t know what to do, so I just followed my heart. from the heart (sincerely; honestly): Of course Daniel speaks …

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Synonyms idea ( (a thought, opinion or plan in your mind): I have to talk to John – he’s always full of good ideas. thought (a word, idea, or image that you have in your mind): Let me have your thoughts on that report by Monday. concept (a general idea …

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Commonly Confused Words b-1

bare vs bear  backup (extra, substitute, spare): We need a backup power supply in case. back up (help, support, aid): He’ll back you up, when you ask for money. We used a piece of meat as bait. The salesman won’t bate a penny of it. We have in fact a …

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Phrasal verbs with “pull” 4 of 4

Phrasal verbs pull 4  She’s very ill, but we hope she’ll pull through. It’s very difficult, but we’ll pull through it together. We don’t have much time, but if we all pull together we’ll finish it on time. We should pull together all the available data and start our research. The …

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Food and Drink Idioms 1

Bad apple  (someone who does bad things that effect on others): You can’t expect a bad a- to be anything but a bad a-. a bad egg (a dishonest or unreliable person): Don’t trust him, he is a bad egg. a bite to eat (a small meal): I’ll pull off …

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