free  without charge: Admission is f-. – without: She was f- of any pressures.  not busy: I’m f- this afternoon. – vacant: The bathroom is f- now. independent: a citizen of a proud f- nation. – on the loose: The killer is still f-. allowed: You are f- to leave. – unimpeded: …

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Phrasal verbs look    We usually sometimes look back on our childhood as a golden age. I might look in on you on my way home. I have never been able to do more than look on at when he was swimming.  You shouldn’t think too much about past troubles, …

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Synonyms accomplish   (achieve or complete successfully): We have accomplished all we set out to do. achieve (to succeed in doing something after a lot of work or effort): He finally achieved success. We will use every possible means to achieve our goal. carry out (to do something that you …

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Synonyms ability   (the power or skill to do something): You seem to have lost your ability to attract clients lastly.  skill (an ability to do an activity or job well): Swimming is a useful skill. competence (the ability to do something successfully or efficiently): Undoubtedly the work is beyond …

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Everyday vs. every day

everyday-vs-every-day:   Everyday [one word] {only before noun} (=used or happening every day, regular, usual): The internet is just part of everyday life. He is good at finding good solution to everyday problems. The sound of gun fire is an everyday experience in this city. Working hard is part of my …

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