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Abolish (synonyms)

Synonyms abolish  abolish (formally end a law, system etc.): They should abolish the tax altogether. cancel (decide or announce that a planned event will not now take place): I feel much better now, so I am going to cancel my doctor’s appointment. do away with (put an end to, get …

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Young (synonyms)

Synonyms young young (having lived or existed for only a short time; not old): young children/animals/trees teenage (between 13 and 19 of age): We have two teenage children. teen American informal (teenage): He is too old now for teen parties. juvenile (relating to young people): Juvenile crime is increasing at …

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Work (synonyms)

Synonyms work work (activity that you do regularly to earn money): I started work when I was 16. employment (work that you do for a person or company to earn money): I was in permanent employment until the age of sixty. job (task or work that a person does to …

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Vacation (synonyms)

Synonyms vacation vacation US (a period of time you spend away from work, business school): I had a restful vacation this summer. holiday UK (a period of time you spend away from work, business school): I normally take my holiday in summer. break (a short period of time you spend …

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Usually (synonyms)

Synonyms usually usually (in a manner that is usual, most of the time but not always): We usually work every day except Sunday. often (in many situations or cases): I often take a walk during my lunch break. normally (in normal manner, usually): It normally takes 30 minutes to get …

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