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Phrasal verbs with “bring” (3)

Phrasal verbs bring 3Phrasal verbs bring 3   bring in (introduce a new law, rule, system, etc.): They want to bring in a bill to ban smoking in public areas.

bring in (make money): My new part time job doesn’t bring in much, but I enjoy it.

bring in (use the skills or knowledge of a particular person): I have to bring in an expert to deal with this problem.

bring off (achieve or accomplish something difficult): They managed to bring off an excellent performance.

bring on (cause to happen or appear): Stress will bring on different kinds of illness.

bring out (produce and offer to the public): Companies in fact are in a race to bring out smartphones.

bring out (make obvious, reveal): Crises bring out the best in some people and the worst in others.

bring through: We also have to make a concerted effort to bring our company through this crisis.

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