Phrasal verbs backPhrasal verbs back

back off (to move backward): He backed off, when he saw the knife.

(to stop bothering someone): Back off, Benjamin! Let me also run my own life!

(to not do something that you had agreed to do): Lucas backed off when he realized how much work was involved.

to back down (to stop arguing or fighting for something): Neither side is willing to back down.

back out (to refuse to do something that you had promised to do): Lily made a promise and  she can’t back out of it now.

back up ( to support someone): I’ll back you up throughout the court case.

(to make a copy of computer information): Back up your files in the same way everyday.

(move backward): I need everyone to back up a little.

(to form a line due to congestion: Traffic backed up for miles on the road to the coast.

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