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Mind idioms (4)

idioms mind 4idioms mind 4  have a closed mind (not willing to consider new ideas): His uncle has a closed mind.

have a lot on your mind: I’m sorry, in fact I wasn’t listening, I have a lot on my mind at the moment.

a mind like a sieve (have a poor memory): I have lost my keys again, I’ve a mind like sieve.

have a mind to (intend or want to): I have a mind to tell your father about the issue indeed.

have a mind like a steel trap: Daniel has also a mind like a steel trap, he can memorize most things easily.

an open mind (willing to consider new ideas or opinions): You should have an open mind to understand the topic.

have a one-track mind: John has a one-track mind. All he ever talks about is business and making money.

have in mind (be thinking of): Is there anything you have in mind to eat for dinner?

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