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Mind idioms (1)

idioms mind 1idioms mind 1

 a meeting of the minds (a situation in which people have the same ideas and opinions): 

a weight off your mind (a big problem): Paying my debts was also a weight off my mind.

a mind of your own (act or think independently):

My son has a mind of his own and insists on trying to become a soccer player so far.

a mind of its own (something that works or moves in a way you do not expect)

at the back of your mind : At the back of my mind is the fear of failing the exam.

bear something in mind: We must also bear in mind that the old people might not like that idea.

be of two minds (unable to decide between two different ideas): I was of two minds whether or not to accept the job.

blow your mind (impress you strongly): The song blew my mind indeed.

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