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Food and Drink Idioms (10)

idioms food drink 10idioms food drink 10

back to the salt mine (have to return to work or something unpleasant): The lunch hour is over, boys. Back to the salt mines! (The phrase implies that the speaker is a slave who works in the salt mines).

bear fruit (produce good results): The project will bear fruit within the first year.

beef up (make stronger): Citrus fruits help to beef up your immune system.

big cheese (the most important person): Who is the big cheese in this club now?

bite off more than you can chew (try to do something which is too difficult for you): I definitely fail if I bite off more than I can chew.

bitter fruits (unpleasant results): Pollution and global warming are also the bitter fruits of the technological advancement.

blow a raspberry (make a rude noise by pressing your tongue between your lips and blowing): She blew a raspberry down the telephone line and hanged up.

bread and butter (main source of income): Football is his bread and butter so far.

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