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12. an arm and a leg → as is

an arm and a leg → as isan arm and a leg → as is   an arm and a leg (a large amount of money): This car cost me an arm and a leg.

answer the call of nature informal (urinate or defecate): Please stop the car somewhere. I need to answer the call of nature.

ants in one’s pants (be restless or unable to sit still):  This kid just can’t sit still; he must have ants in his pants.

armed to the teeth (armed with all needed weapons): The soldiers were armed to the teeth.

as a matter of course (as usual or expected): I always lock the door as a matter of course.

as a matter of fact (actually, in reality)

as good as one’s word (reliable and truthful): If Tony has said he’ll come, he will — he’s always as good as his word.

as is (in the present conditions; including any faults or problems): I also want to buy the car as is.

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