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Keep meanings : do something without stopping or do it repeatedly: Keep walking until you reach to a supermarket. remain in a particular condition: I like to keep busy. I walk to work to keep fit. cause to remain in a particular condition: This overcoat will help keep you warm …

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job meanings  : task or work that someone does to earn money: She got a job as a waitress. piece of work that you have to do: I spent all day doing jobs around the house. responsibility or duty: Your job is to look after the kids while we are …

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heart meanings  a hollow muscular organ which pumps blood through your body: Regular exercise is good for your heart. courage, determination, enthusiasm: You’re doing great, don’t lose heart now. the place where emotions are felt: Don’t let your heart rule your head. the innermost or central part: We live in …

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Early  before expected or planned time: If you finish the task e- you can go home. in the beginning of a period of time: We’ll meet again e- next week. premature, earlier than usual: The announcement brought the meeting to an e- end. belonging to the very ancient past: E- …

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Open not closed, unfastened: Someone had left the door wide o-. passable, not blocked: the main road will be o- next week. ready to provide a service: The café is o- till 1.00 a.m. not sealed or warped: There was an o- package on the floor. not enclosed, without walls: …

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