Castle (synonyms)

Synonyms castle  (a large strong building with thick walls and towers): This castle dates back to the 12th century. citadel (a castle on high ground in or near a city): The quake destroyed a 2000 years old citadel in the city. tower (a tall building or part of a castle …

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Synonyms call  (shout something loudly to attract attention): Stop calling me so loud. shout (say something very loud): His warning shout came too late. cry (call out loudly, scream): Soon she run downstairs and cried for help. exclaim (shout with strong emotion): ‘You can’t do that!’ he exclaimed angrily. blurt …

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Synonyms calculate   (to find out a total number): I need to calculate how much we spend in a month. work out (to calculate something): We also need to work out the total cost of the vacation. compute (to calculate using machine): Can you compute the square root of 2025? …

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