Synonyms awareness  (having knowledge or understanding of something): We are trying to increase public awareness of what spreads HIV/AIDS. consciousness (the state of being aware of something): This will increase public consciousness of natural and environmental issues. knowledge (the state of knowing about something): However, she denied any knowledge of …

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Synonyms award   (something given in honor of an achievement): Jack won the award for best actor. prize (something given to the winner of a contest or a lottery): He won first prize in last month’s competition. reward (something given in exchange for good behavior or achievement): Anna in fact …

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Synonyms abandon   (to leave a place, especially because it is impossible or dangerous for you to stay): The ship was sinking, and the captain gave the order to abandon ship. desert (to leave a place, so that no one is left there): Due to bad weather, several villages had …

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Synonyms aware  (knowing about something): We are not aware of the situation. Conscious (awake and able to see, hear, and think): He was fully conscious during the operation. Alert (quick to notice, understand and act in a particular situation): I try hard to stay alert while driving at night. Thinking …

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Synonyms assistant   (someone who helps someone else in their job): My personal assistant will help you to deal with issue soon. helper (someone who helps with a job or task): I need enough helpers to move all these kitchen appliances. aide (an assistant to someone who has an important …

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