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Take (synonyms)

Synonyms take

take (carry, go with, or lead someone to a place): I’ll take you to the airport.

escort (go with someone to guard them or to show them the way): Guards will escort the prisoner back to his cell.

lead (go with or in front of someone in order show them the way to a place): I don’t know the way very well, so you’d better lead.

guide (show someone the way to somewhere often by going with them): A local villager guided us through the mountains.

usher (take or show someone to a place politely, especially within a building): He ushered me into his office and offered me a coffee.

direct formal (tell or show someone how to get to a place): Could you direct me to the railroad station, please?

conduct formal (lead someone through or around a place): The guide will conducted you around the ancient city.

walk (go with someone to a place on foot): Let’s walk you to your car.

drive (take someone somewhere in a car): I will drive you to the supermarket.

Synonyms take English Vocabulary

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