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Safe (synonyms)

Synonyms safeSynonyms safe

safe (not in danger of being hurt, damaged, or lost): We are quite safe here.

secure (safe, protected against damage or attack): I hide my money in a very secure place.

out of harm’s way (in a safe place, where no one can hurt or damage): Keep your children out of harm’s way.

unharmed (not harmed or damaged): They released the hostages unharmed.

unhurt (not hurt, not harmed): He escaped from the accident unhurt.

uninjured (not injured, not hurt): He was too shocked but uninjured.

unscathed (not scathed, not injured): A They emerged a little girl from the wreckage unscathed.

all right (safe; not hurt, upset or ill): He was at the hospital for a while, but he is all right now.

in one piece (not hurt or damaged): I’m glad you returned from the war in one piece.

alive and well (alive and healthy): He’s alive and well and living in Detroit.

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