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Pack (synonyms)

Synonyms packSynonyms pack

pack (a small paper container): Get me a pack of chewing gum.

package (a wrapper or container): She ate the whole package of cookies.

can (a closed metal container): He drank a can of Coke.

jar (a glass or plastic container): Can you get the lid off this honey jar?

carton (a container that is made of stiff thick paper): She got a carton of fruit juice out of the freezer.

tube (a flexible container with a screw cap): I squeezed the toothpaste out of the tube.

pot (a small round plastic container): I only had a pot of strawberry yogurt for lunch.

tub (a flat-bottomed plastic container with a lid): I ate a tub of ice cream.

packet (a small closed plastic or paper bag): a packet of sugar/sauce

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