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Synonyms bakeSynonyms bake 

bake (cook things such as bread or cakes by dry heat): I bake bread every day.

toast (make bread or other food brown by putting it near a high heat): Toast the bread lightly on both sides.

fry (cook in hot oil or fat): Fry the onions until golden brown.

roast (cook meat or vegetables by dry heat): I’m going to roast the chicken.

grill (cook food on a metal frame over a fire): Grill the meat for 20 minutes each side.

broil (cook food directly over or under extreme heat): I’ll broil the steak.

barbecue (cook food over a low and slow indirect heat): Let’s barbecue chicken and ribs.

boil (cook food in water that is boiling): We want to boil some potatoes for dinner.

steam (cook food in steam): Steam the vegetables for 10 minutes.

poach (cook food slowly in hot water): I’ll poach vegetables in chicken broth.

Synonyms bake   English Vocabulary

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