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Ways to say

ways to say


How are you?



Hurry up

I agree

I’m going to sleep

I disagree

It’s easy

I don’t know

I like it

It’s difficult

for example

I don’t like it


I miss you

I think

Thank you

I am sorry

Good luck



You are right

Happy Birthday


ways to say

Bye                              Talk to you soon

Bye for now                See you next time

See you later               Have a nice day

See you soon               Nice to see you

Take care                    See you (around)

Sleep well.                        Nighty night.

Dream sweet.                   Have a good sleep.

Sleep tight.                       Have a good night.

Sweet dreams.                 Night night.

Later dude.                      Until tomorrow.

Have a wonderful sleep.  Night.


Hello (name).



Hi there.

Howdy. (informal)

Haven’t seen you for ages.

How’s it going?

How do you do?

How’s tricks?

How are things (with you)? 

Great to see you again.

Nice to meet you.

How are you?                            How’s the family?

How’s your family?                        How’s it going?

What’s going on?                     How was your day?

Are you doing OK?                   What’s happening?

What’s new with you?           What are you up to?

How are you feeling?                           How’s life?

How you feeling?                           How do you do?

What have you been up to lately?      What’s new?

How’s the world been treating you?    What’s up?

ways to say

 there’s nothing to it                 it’s child’s play

anyone can do it                     it’s easy-peasy

It’s not rocket science               it’s easy as pie

I can do it with my eyes shut    it’s a doddle

it’s easy as falling down           it’s easy as ABC

I couldn’t agree more

I see your point


I agree with you 100 percent         

You are exactly correct                   I think so too

I couldn’t have said it better         That’s true

That’s what I was thinking            Sure

I’m of the same mind

Of course                    

I think you’re totally right            

That’s so true

I think you are correct                   

That’s for sure

I’m with you on that                      

No doubt about it

I’m of the same opinion                

You are right

I take the same view as you           That’s right


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