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Phrasal verbs with “take” (6)

Phrasal verbs take upPhrasal verbs take up

 take up (start doing a job or activity): He will take up his post as CEO next week.

take up (fill or occupy an amount of space or time): These video files take up a lot of disk space. – Computer games take up too much of my time.

(discuss or deal with a matter): Leo is going to take the matter up with his boss.

take up (accept an offer or opportunity): Lucy took up his offer of a drink.

take up (pick up something): He took up his pen, and also began to write.

(continue something that was not finished): Our teacher took up the lesson where she left off yesterday.

take up (approve an advice or suggestion): No one has taken up our suggestion that we should plant more trees so far.

take up (shorten a piece of clothing): This dress is also too long, I need to take it up.

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