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Phrasal verbs with call (1)

Phrasal verbs call 1Phrasal verbs call 1

call after (shout after someone as they are moving away): I called after you, but you didn’t hear me.

call around (phone many different places or people): I called around to many hospitals to locate him.

c- around (invite someone for a visit): I want to call Jack around for dinner.

call at (stop at a place for a short time): Does the ship call at the harbor this time?

call away (ask someone come away from a place): Can I call you away from the class to take an urgent phone call?

c- back (command to come back): They asked the government to call back the troops from Saudi Arabia.

call back (phone again at a later time): I’ll call back at a more convenient time.

call back (return to a place): He’ll call back later to pick up that report.

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