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Phrasal verbs with “bring” (2)

Phrasal verbs bring 2Phrasal verbs bring 2  bring down (reduce the price or level of something): The government aim to bring down housing prices. The ice cubs will bring down her temperature.

bring down (cause to fall or collapse): This weapon will bring down any jet fighter.

b- down (defeat or cause to lose power): Some neighboring countries are trying to bring down the president and his government.

bring down (make someone feel sad or depressed): The cold weather brings me down.

bring forth (produce, bear): March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers indeed.

b- forth (give birth to): Mary has brought forth a beautiful baby girl so far.

bring forward (introduce a subject for discussion): I will also bring the matter forward at the next meeting.

bring forward (move an event to an earlier date or time)
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