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Phrasal verbs with “bring” (1)

Phrasal verbs bring 1Phrasal verbs bring 1 : bring about (cause, make happen): The internet brought about great changes in people’s leisure activities.

bring along (bring someone or something with you when you come to a place): You should bring along your marriage certificate.

b- along (train or help someone improve): The coach is trying to bring along many young football players.

bring around (change someone’s opinion): It is difficult to bring him around to our way of thinking.

bring around: John had fainted, but we managed to bring him around with some cold water.

b- around ((bring someone or something to a place): Can I bring along a guest to the party?

bring back (bring something with you when you come back from somewhere): I’ll bring back a few souvenirs from my vacation in Paris.

bring back (cause to remember): These photos bring back memories of my childhood. 

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