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Phrasal verbs with Answer

Phrasal verbs AnswerPhrasal verbs Answer  , answer back (reply rudely to someone in authority): I wanted to answer back, but I stopped myself and said nothing. Don’t answer back your father.

answer back (respond, defend yourself): It’s so harsh to criticize him and not giving him the chance to answer back.

a- for (accept to be responsible for): He has to answer for where every dollar goes.

answer for (be punished for, pay for): He will have to answer for his crimes one day.

answer for (speak on the behalf of): I like it myself, but I can’t answer for my colleagues.

a to (have to explain your actions to someone): A self-employed person, you don’t have to answer to anyone.

answer to (respond to): My dog answers to the name of Big Black.

answer to (match or be similar to): I saw a man who answers to suspect’s description.

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