Phrasal verbs with “pull” 2 of 4

Phrasal verbs pull 2  Pull down your jacket, it is cold today. It is easier to pull down than build.  She pulls down over $100.000 a year. The recession is pulling down house prices. The train pulled in at midnight. We should pull in at the next garage to check …

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Synonyms river  (a large natural flow of fresh water): We going to get across the river by boat. stream (a small narrow river): A lovely stream flows through our garden during the summer. creek (a stream or minor tributary of a river): We’ll go to the little creek soon. brook …

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Phrasal Verbs with “pull” 1 of 4

Phrasal verbs pull 1  She pressed the gas pedal and pulled ahead of the truck. Pull the meat apart with spoon and fork. The police also pulled me aside and asked if I knew who was really in charge. We waved as the bus pulled away. She pulled away from …

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The Value of knowledge

knowledge value A giant steamship engine failed. The ship’s owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could figure how to fix the engine. Then they brought in an old man who had been fixing ships since he was young. He carried a large bag of tools with …

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Airbags  Wife: I have a good news and a bad news. Husband: I am very busy. Just give me the good news. Wife: The a- in fact worked properly in our new BMW. A wife comes home and say to her husband that I have a good news and a bad …

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