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not closed, unfastened: Someone had left the door wide o-.

passable, not blocked: the main road will be o- next week.

ready to provide a service: The café is o- till 1.00 a.m.

not sealed or warped: There was an o- package on the floor.

not enclosed, without walls: We reached an o- countryside.

extended, unfolded: There was an o- map on the table.

vacant, available: The job advertised last month is still o-.

honest, frank: She has always been o- about her feelings.

not decided, unresolved: The corruption case is still o-.

public, nonexclusive: We have o- meetings on Fridays.

willing to listen to or to accept: She is o- to suggestions.

not occupied or engaged: Keep also an hour o- on Sunday.

available, on hand: There are still several options o- to us.

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