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Keep meaningsKeep meanings : do something without stopping or do it repeatedly: Keep walking until you reach to a supermarket.

remain in a particular condition: I like to keep busy. I walk to work to keep fit.

cause to remain in a particular condition: This overcoat will help keep you warm in cold weather.

have or save something: I always keep extra money for emergencies.

put or store something in a particular place: I keep my teabags on the top shelf.

care for, look after, protect: Lucy will keep the kids while I shop.

breed, raise, take care of: He keep chickens and also goats in his back yard.

do what you said or agreed: Daniel promised to be back soon. I hope he will keep his word.

own, manage, run: My parents keep also a shop in a small village.

cause someone to stay, detain: There was nothing to keep him in this city.

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