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Mind idioms (7)

idioms mind 7  mind your language (speak properly and politely): Mind your language, young man! never mind (do not worry, it’s not important): The store is close, but never mind, we can come back tomorrow. never mind (let alone): He is incapable of leading a team, never mind a country. …

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Mind idioms (6)

idioms mind 6  know your own mind (know what you want, like, or believe): You are old enough to know your own mind and make the decision for yourself. last thing on your mind (something that you are not thinking about at all): Getting married again is the last thing …

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Mind idioms (5)

idioms mind 5  have someone in mind: I have Daniel in mind for this job, because he is the most qualified person. have your mind on something: It’s hard to work when you should have your mind on other things. in the back of your mind: In the back of …

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Mind idioms (4)

idioms mind 4  have a closed mind (not willing to consider new ideas): His uncle has a closed mind. have a lot on your mind: I’m sorry, in fact I wasn’t listening, I have a lot on my mind at the moment. a mind like a sieve (have a poor …

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Mind idioms (3)

idioms mind 3  cross your mind (come to your mind): It never crossed my mind to lock the door. don’t mind someone (ignore someone and continue with what you are doing): Don’t mind me -I’ll just sit here quietly. do you mind (used to ask someone’s permission): Do you mind …

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