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brain dead

brain dead brain dead (mentally exhausted and unable to think normally) If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be brain-dead in the morning. (very stupid or careless) How can you have a conversation with such a brain dead person? brain dead – English Vocabulary

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blow (someone’s) brains out

blow brains out blow (someone’s) brains out (kill with a shot in the head): Put your gun down or I’ll blow your brains out. He was cleaning his shotgun and accidently blew his brains out.   blow brains out – English Vocabulary

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big hearted big-hearted (generous and very kind) Benjamin is in a big-hearted guy. He is a big hearted person, he will never say no to you.   big hearted – English Vocabulary

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bare your heart

bare your heart bare your heart (to tell someone your personal thoughts and feelings) I don’t know Nina that well. I certainly wouldn’t bare my heart to her. Jacob is the only person that I would bear my heart to.   bare your heart – English Vocabulary

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at heart

at heart at heart (as a main concern) You should trust me, I’m your mother, I have your best interests at heart.   at heart (in real nature) His manners are rough but he is a kind person at heart.   at heart – English Vocabulary

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