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Mind idioms (6)

idioms mind 6idioms mind 6  know your own mind (know what you want, like, or believe):

You are old enough to know your own mind and make the decision for yourself.

last thing on your mind (something that you are not thinking about at all):

Getting married again is the last thing on my mind right now.

lose your mind (become crazy, lose your sanity): You must have lost your mind if you think you can climb that peak.

make up your mind (make a decision): It’s now or never, so make up your mind.

mind over matter (use of the power of mind to deal with physical problems):

Good health is simply a case of mind over matter.

mind you (bear in mind): It was very expensive, mind you, the quality worth the extra cost.

m- your own business rude (not interfere in the affairs of others):

You stay out of this and mind your own business.

mind your Ps and Qs (mind your language or manner): I have to mind my Ps and Qs when I meet Sophia’s parents.

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