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Mind idioms (2)

idioms mind 2idioms mind 2

 all in your mind (not real and you are imagining it): Your painting has come out really well. Your fears are all in your mind.

boggles your mind (shock or surprise you): The amount of waste in the streets boggles my mind.

bored out of your mind (extremely bored): I was bored out of my mind with his endless talk.

bring or call to mind (cause to think of): Seeing you again brings to mind the happy times we spent together.

cast your mind back (try to remember): If you cast your mind back, you might recall that I never promised to work nights indeed.

change someone’s mind (make someone to change an opinion or decision): I tried hard to convince him, but I couldn’t change his mind.

change your mind (change your decision or opinion): I am not going, but if you are willing to go; I will change my mind.

come to mind (remember or think of): What would you like to eat? – I’m not sure, nothing coming to mind so far.

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