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Heart idioms


after your own heart

a heart of gold

a heart of stone

all heart

at heart

at heart

bare your heart


bleeding heart

bless your heart

break someone’s heart

by heart

capture someone’s heart

change of heart

chicken hearted

close to your heart

close to your heart

cold hands warm heart

cross my heart

cry your heart out

dear to your heart

do your heart good

eat your heart out

faint of heart

find it in your heart 

follow your heart 

from the bottom of my heart

from the heart

get to the heart of the matter

hale and hearty


have a heart

have a soft spot in your heart for

have heart in mouth

have heart in the right place

heart and soul

have heart set on

heart-to heart talk

heart bleeds for someone

heart goes out to someone

a heartbeat away

heart isn’t in something

heart misses a beat

heavy heart

heart stand still

in a heartbeat

know something by heart

light heart


hand on heart

harden your heart



in your heart of hearts


heart sink

lose heart

lose heart to

 open your heart

open your heart

play your heart out

pour your heart out

search your heart

sick at heart

set heart on something

steal someone’s heart

strike at the heart of

tear at your heartstrings

tear heart out

the hearts and minds of

the heart rules the head

to your heart’s content

tug at your heartstrings

take heart

take to heart

the way to someone’s heart

warm hearted

warm your heart

with all your heart

after your own heart (having rather the same interests or feelings as you)

a heart of gold (a kind and also caring heart)

a heart of stone (a cruel and generally uncaring heart)

all heart (very kind and unusually generous)

at heart (certainly as a main concern)

at heart ( notably in real nature)

bare your heart (to tell someone your personal thoughts and feelings generally)

big-hearted (kind and overall generous)

bleeding heart (a person who is too sympathetic towards other people)

bless your heart (to express appreciation)

break someone’s heart (to hurt someone’s feelings)

by heart (by memory, memorized)

capture someone’s heart (to make someone fall in love with you)

change of heart (to change your opinion or feeling about something)

chicken hearted ( so fearful, cowardly)

close to your heart (something important that is so to you)

close to your heart (someone you love certainly )

cold hands, warm heart (someone who does not outwardly show feelings, and also inwardly is caring person)




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