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Food and Drink Idioms


a bad apple                            a bad egg

a banana republic                a bite of the cherry

a bite to eat                        a bone to pick with

above the salt                     a bunch of baloney

acquire a taste                    Adam’s ale

a different kettle of fish        a fine kettle of fish

a finger in every pie             a hard nut to crack

a piece of cake                    apple of your eye

a big cheese                        a carrot and stick

a hot potato                        all the tea in China

a couch potato                    a full plate

a good egg                          a smart cookie

apples and apples.               apples and oranges

apple-pie order                    as alike as two peas

a rotten egg                        as American as apple pie

as busy as popcorn on a skillet

a coffee table book              a fig leaf

a grain of truth                    a greasy spoon

a knuckle sandwich              a liquid lunch

a meal ticket                       a nest egg

a piece of the pie                   a pretty kettle of fish

a rotten apple                         a square meal

as clear as vodka                   as cool as a cucumber

as easy as pie                     as flat as a pancake

apple polisher                         as easy as shelling peas

as nutty as fruitcake              as useful as a chocolate teapot                     as warm as toast

a second bite of the cherry   a slice of the pie

a tempest in a teapot            an old chestnut

as nice as pie                          a stud-muffin

a sweet deal                           a sweet tooth

a tough cookie                        a tough nut

all grist to the mill                  all sweetness and light

an olive branch                      an open sesame

another bite at the cherry     any way you slice it

as sure as eggs is eggs         worth your salt

back to the salt mine            bear fruit

beef up                                   big cheese

bite off more than you can chew            bitter fruits

blow a raspberry                    bread and butter

a vegetable                                    bean counter

best thing since sliced bread        bread and circuses

break bread with someone           bring home the bacon

burn to a crisp                               butter  someone up

butter wouldn’t melt in someone’s mouth

can’t boil an egg                            can’t hold your liquor

carrot and stick approach        champagne taste on a beer budget

chalk and cheese                    cherry pick

chew the cud                          chew the fat

chicken and egg situation      chicken feed

coffee table book                    compare apples and oranges

cake is not worth the candle        can’t cut the mustard

chief cook and bottle-washer       come and get it

cookie-cutter                           cooking on gas

cook something to perfection       cook the book

scream of the crop                        cry over spilled milk

cup of tea                                       cut and dried

cut the mustard             cut through like a hot knife through butter



a fig leaf (something that is used to hide an embarrassing fact or situation): They claim that the NGO humanitarian aid is just a fig leaf, and its real purpose is to make money.

a liquid lunch (drink alcoholic drinks instead of eating food at lunchtime): We had just a liquid lunch at John’s house, I’m starving.

a meal ticket (a source of regular income or livelihood): Gone are the days when a university degree was a meal ticket for life.

a nest egg (a sum of money saved for a future purpose): He did not even build up a nest egg for his retirement.

a piece of the pie (a share of something): Since profits are higher this year, we will get a bigger piece of the pie.

a rotten apple (a bad person who has a bad effect on others in a group): There may be a rotten apple in the company, but the others are clean and honest.

a square meal (a big or nutritious meal): I need a square meal after all that exercise.


apple polisher (someone who is nice to a person in authority in order to be liked or treated better): John is an apple-polisher.

as warm as toast (pleasantly warm): It was freezing outside, but I was as warm as toast in front of the fire.

a second bite of the cherry (a second opportunity to do something): We missed a cup, but we hope for a second bite of the cherry.

a tempest in a teacup (a lot of anger or worry about something that is not important): They are continually quarreling, but it is usually a tempest in a teacup.

an old chestnut (subject, idea, or joke that has become uninteresting through constant repetition): I can’t stand that old chestnut, I heard that a hundred times.

as nice as pie (surprisingly nice and friendly): He was as nice as pie, as if nothing had happened.

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