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Food and Drink Idioms (9)

idioms food drink 9idioms food drink 9

all grist to the mill: I never refuse odd jobs to gain more experience, it’s all grist to the mill.

all sweetness and light: When they learned who I was they became all sweetness and light.

an olive branch: The government is offering an olive branch to the opposition by releasing some of political prisoners.

an open sesame: A university degree isn’t always an open sesame to a well-paid job.

another bite at the cherry: I have lost that contract, and I probably won’t get another bite at the cherry.

any way you slice it: Smoking is a bad habit, any way you slice it.

as sure as eggs is eggs: One day you’ll realize that I was right, as sure as eggs is eggs.

worth your salt: Any senator worth their salt will keep their campaign promises.

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