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Food and Drink Idioms (14)

idioms food drink 14idioms food drink 14

 cake is not worth the candle: I want to replace the old car’s engine, but my father says that the cake is not worth the candle.

can’t cut the mustard: If he can’t cut the mustard, then we’ll get someone else to do the job.

chief cook and bottle-washer: Daniel is the chief cook and bottle washer in the company. He does everything.

come and get it informal (meal is ready): The cook shouted, come and get it, guys! Dinner is on the table.

cookie-cutter (same as others of its type): The house was so cookie cutter, nothing surprised me.

cooking on gas informal (performing a difficult task quickly or efficiently): The project was a little slow at the beginning, but now we’re cooking with gas!

cook something to perfection (cook to a perfect degree): She cook meals to perfection.

cook the books (change financial records to get money illegally)

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